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Corporate finance

For over 40 years McBrides has earned a reputation for excellence in corporate finance. Our team has helped growing companies to expand through acquisition and we have successfully managed the sale, or part sale, of many businesses.  We are also one of the founding members of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance, a unique independent alliance of specialist professional services firms.

Having sold our own practice in 2004 and purchased it back in 2010, we truly have ‘worn the T-shirt’ when it comes to buying and selling businesses!

Corporate finance services include:


McBrides helps growing businesses seeking to expand through acquisition and has experience of many different sectors and business types. Our role ranges from identifying targets for you to acquire to the complete management of a transaction. You give us a brief and we will use the specialist research resources at our disposal to gather the necessary information, conduct our analysis and advise on the next steps.

Business planning, forecasting and projections

Using our practical experience and wide ranging commercial know-how, we can help you to formalise your plans, undertake projections and benchmark your business performance against others in your industry. Apart from being useful for day-to-day business management, it can be helpful in the context of potential changes in ownership, or acquisition strategies.

Demergers and re-organisations

Demergers, reorganisations and solvent restructurings are often highly complex, requiring an in-depth understanding of tax regulations, so an important aspect is minimising any tax bills arising. The McBrides team has the skills and knowledge to help you navigate the best path for your particular circumstances.

Due diligence

Using a structured and thorough approach our experts will check that the target business is all that it claims to be, and that no hidden liabilities exist. Embracing the needs of both acquirers and their backers, we work quickly and efficiently, ensuring we provide the right amount of feedback to all parties.

Exit readiness

Exiting a business that has been built by years of hard work and dedication can be a difficult emotional hurdle, but it can be made easier with forward planning. McBrides’ corporate finance experts are experienced in helping you explore your objectives, outline exit options and identifying things you should address well in advance of any planned exit, to ensure you maximise your wealth. We will also develop with you a strategy to make the business more attractive to the widest range of potential purchasers.

Management buy-ins/outs

McBrides has helped many management teams to acquire the businesses they have worked hard to build.  Part of that expertise is in exploring ways to make the funding work, when traditional sources of finance are not forthcoming. It extends further to supporting effective negotiations with financial modeling, commercial and structural advice as well as undertaking due diligence.

Raising finance

Working with our network of contacts, we will help you identify appropriate forms of finance and offer realistic advice on the likelihood of success. Today there are a wide range of funding options available including crowdfunding, on which we can also advise.

Selling your business/your shares

When the time comes to sell, McBrides will support you from the first meeting to completion of the transaction.  Our experts will:

  • value your business
  • research the market
  • help you to find a buyer
  • negotiate the “deal”
  • appoint solicitors
  • assist with due diligence
  • advise on areas of the sale and purchase agreement
  • assess and advise on your tax position, ensuring the transaction is structured in the most tax efficient way ...
  • and work alongside you and your legal team until you sign on the dotted line.

Succession planning

Succession planning is crucial for a business owner who will need to step off the treadmill at some point in the future.  Knowing how to do it, who the new owner will be, how much your business is worth, what tax you will pay and how the process works is something that we have been advising on for over 40 years.  It is also the subject of a workshop we run called “Who’s going to step into your shoes?”.


Your business might well be the single most valuable asset that you own but do you know how much it is worth, and what you could do to enhance that valuation?  McBrides has extensive experience in providing business valuations for a variety of purposes including:

  • commercial valuations
  • to support certain employee incentive schemes (e.g. EMI schemes)
  • for inheritance tax planning purposes.

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