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Wealth management

Pole Arnold Financial Management Ltd (PAFML) focuses on four main things, the creation of wealth, its maintenance and growth, making it last and, ultimately, its transfer through generations.

The advice process

We start with a comprehensive appraisal of your current circumstances, financial needs and aspirations. As well as discussing objectives, a thorough investigation of your current financial position will identify any unfulfilled needs. Once these have been established and prioritised your attitude to risk is assessed before we prepare a detailed plan to achieve agreed financial goals.

Once the initial recommendations are completed we place a very strong emphasis on regular review meetings to ensure you remain on track to achieve your objectives and to review the performance of the arrangements that have been put in place.

Our advice is fee based, agreed with you up front and determined by the complexity and extent of the work undertaken. Being fee based allows us to be completely independent and to provide a high standard of service based around the passion and commitment of our team.

It is important to establish your appetite for investment risk for your investment or pension planning. Achieving the right balance between risk and reward is vital to ensure sufficient potential for returns with few surprises along the way. We complete a risk profile questionnaire with you that forms the basis of our risk discussion to establish the right attitude to risk for any investment or pension. This then allows us to build a balanced investment portfolio with the right asset allocation to meet your objectives within your risk appetite.

Our service is based around building a long term relationship with you and we will often work with your professional advisers to ensure all of your personal or business financial planning is “joined up” and tax efficient.

Maximising your wealth

All our clients define their ‘wealth’ differently. For some, it is purely the value of assets; for others it is family, relationships and the comfort of security. However, one thing is constant – your wealth is precious.

PAFML aims to provide solutions to the changes in your life including your options in retirement, changes in the event of a business sale or more general changes of circumstances.  A plan will be drawn up to meet both you and your family’s income and capital requirements.  Reflecting what is important to you whether this is seeking to maximise income, protecting your family or passing on wealth to your dependents.

Enjoying your wealth

Successful wealth planning begins with a goal.  Before investing any money a simple question must always be asked: what do you want to achieve from your investment and when? PAFML will work with you to construct a detailed plan to manage your investments to ensure that you can enjoy your wealth and meet your needs both now and in the future.

Investment strategy

Investing money wisely requires consideration, understanding, care and vigilance. That’s why, when making investment decisions it’s important to take appropriate advice; to help you identify your goals, ascertain timeframes and required growth rates, understand your position in relation to risk and ultimately, to select the investment vehicles appropriate to both your needs and tax position.

PAFML will bring clarity to your current investment strategy to provide a better understanding of the risks involved, the returns generated and the costs of management of the funds.

Family and business protection

There are a great many ‘what ifs’ in life.  Questions sometimes too frightening to contemplate an answer to, with possibilities many of us don’t necessarily want to consider.

PAFML are able to discuss all of your family and business protection needs: life assurance, critical illness cover, income protection, mortgage payment protection, shareholder protection, partnership insurance and key person protection.

Retirement planning

Longevity has become an issue for all of us. With so many of us living far longer than our forebears ever expected to, it's possible that some will live longer in retirement than they ever spent working; and with the long term future of the State Retirement Pension scheme looking increasingly uncertain, PAFML’s view is that planning for your retirement is one of the most important things you can do with your money. We believe that your retirement date is not merely the date that you finish work, it is the date when somebody else stops paying you and you start paying yourself. The success of your retirement planning will dictate how much you will receive each month and, just as importantly, for how long.

We are able to guide you on choosing a retirement plan to meet your individual needs, holding your hand through the wide array of avenues and structures available, from the straight-forward to the sophisticated.

Estate planning

When you die, there is an assessment of the value of your assets (your estate). Depending on who your assets pass to, they will be assessed for Inheritance Tax purposes.  Whilst some assets are exempt, most are not, and if these exceed a value of £325,000 (or £650,000 for a married couple), the balance will suffer tax of 40% which could represent a significant loss to your beneficiaries. In addition to the forthcoming increase in the allowance where the family home is passed to your direct descendants, there are a number of planning steps that can be taken to reduce the tax bill or replace the loss of value to your beneficiaries.

Whichever way you decide to approach estate planning, the earlier you take action the better chance you have of reducing the Inheritance Tax liability on your estate. This means more of your money is passed onto your loved ones in the future, and less is lost in tax.

The rules on Inheritance Tax can become complicated so please speak to McBrides on the options available to make your estate more Inheritance Tax efficient.

Mortgage planning

Whatever the state of the UK housing market, or indeed the wider economy, nothing seems to dampen our desire to purchase and own property. It is a want drummed into all of us from a very early age, something nearly all of us aspire to, whether it be a house to live in, to rent out, visit at weekends, for investment purposes, or as a 'bolt hole' in the sun.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a property, it should not be a decision taken lightly, especially if borrowings are required in the form of a mortgage.

PAFML believes that besides finding the 'right deal' for our clients we must also ensure that the client suits the deal; that no one gets 'out of their depth', that you have a full understanding of both the upsides and the downsides of your arrangements; that all decisions made are made for the right reason.


The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the original amount invested. The following services offered are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: tax planning, inheritance tax planning and trustee services.

Pole Arnold Financial Management Ltd is registered in England and Wales (No 7910405) and is an appointed representative of Independent Financial Advisor Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.